New Products Focus Fall/Winter 2022

Architectural Metals

Systems for a PRO

AmeriPRO corrugated, concealed fastener, profiled panel systems are now available from Americlad. The systems offer six distinctive corrugated profiles manufactured from painted steal, painted and anodized aluminum and stainless steel in various gauges and finishes. Custom colors are also available in small batch runs. Additionally, the panels can be manufactured in .080-inch aluminum for higher traffic areas requiring more impact resistance. The systems also meet ASTM-E330 standards for structural performance.

Metal Aesthetics

PAC-CLAD Petersen is offering its new ore finishes that provide the look of natural metal patinas with the durability and consistency of a PVDF finish. With a selection of 16 different finishes, the company claims that any choice of finish will not tarnish, discolor or rust as natural metals do. The product is available on PAC-CLAD wall and roof panels, coil and sheet in aluminum and steel.

Architectural Glass and Metal Systems

Preserving History

PRL’s thermal break storefront series 251 is designed to add energy efficiency to storefronts. The company’s thermally broken framing is designed to increase energy efficiency, and is suitable for an array of applications. The system provides the thermal break on both the frame and glazing, helping keep heat in during the winter and heat out during the summer, according to the company.

Glazing Panels

The Smart Solution

Laminators Inc. provides a range of materials including Thermolite™ glazing panels. These panels are constructed with an insulating foam core that is sandwiched between two corrugated stabilizers and finished aluminum sheets. The panels are designed to easily fit in any standard or custom glazing system. Additionally, Laminators Inc. offers fabricated options to provide additional R-Value, new aesthetics and to create hairline joints between panels.

Vacuum Insulating Glass

To the Max

New from Vitro Architectural Glass is the VacuMax Vacuum Insulating Glass (VIG). The product integrates with any traditional glazing system, window frame or curtainwall application for thermal performance. VacuMax VIG delivers R-values close to those of a traditional wall with an R-value of R14+. Tempered VacuMax VIG units can be used alone as ¼ inch glass to replace monolithic glass without the need to replace the framing system. It can also be used as a substitute for the interior lite in any double- or triple-glazed insulating glass unit.

Bird-Friendly Products

Fly Safe

Eastman and SEEN AG have introduced Saflex FlySafe 3D, a new polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer for laminated glass to prevent bird collisions. Saflex FlySafe 3D features three-dimensional, reflective sequins between two lites of glass, meant to catch light at different angles and deter birds. The sequin pattern covers less than 1% of the glass area and can be applied in atriums, facades, skylights, windows and more.

Bird Deterrents

Walker Glass added two new patterns to its AviProtek bird-deterrent glass products. The designs comprise scattered patterns of 5 mm squares, both non-linear and multi-directional. Markers cover less than 1% of the glass to offer sightlines. The patterns have a Threat Factor of 25 from the American Bird Conservancy, and both designs satisfy the 2×4 rule for bird deterrence.

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