Winners Announced for 2022 Vanceva World of Color Awards

The Vanceva World of Color Awards (WOCA) declared two winners and four honorable mentions in its global international design competition.

The semiannual competition, which is conducted by Eastman — a manufacturer of the Vanceva color interlayer system for laminated glass — honors architects, interior designers, glass fabricators, furniture designers, glazing contractors, engineers and artists for their creative and impactful use of colored laminated safety glass in exterior building design and interior spaces.

“The number and scope of projects entered in this year’s World of Color Awards broke new records for the competition,” says Priya Kalsi, Eastman’s global segment market manager. “We are always inspired by the innovation we see as the entries come in.”

The two winners were selected by an international jury of five industry professionals. According to Eastman, the entries were judged on the creative use of glass with laminated color interlayers, aesthetics and the degree of attention given to the overall benefits and technology of laminated glass.

The winners were the Audrey Irmas Pavilion (exterior) in Los Angeles and the Bispebjerg Hospital car park (interior) in Copenhagen.

The Audrey Irmas Pavilion was designed by the Office of Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) and Gruen Associates. The glass laminator was Goldray Glass. The pavilion combines modern planes with traditional shapes to defy conformity in the most harmonious of designs. The 55,000-square-foot pavilion consists of multiple gathering spaces — each with distinct scale and spatial character — stacked on top of each other in the uniquely shaped pavilion next to the Wilshire Boulevard Temple.

“Such powerful pops of color contrasting the light-colored fractal facade,” says WOCA juror Joe Jacoby. “The simplicity of the green has such a big impact and meaningful connection to the existing green dome roof next door. They took a simple concept and went big with it while keeping the purity of the design.”

The Bispebjerg Hospital car park was designed by Årstiderne. The visual artist was Malene Nors Tardrup and the glass laminator was Thiele Glas.

The seven-level car park at the Bispebjerg Hospital offers differing color hues at each level. Additionally, each level presents a story from the hospital’s 100-year history with tiled photographs and more.

“The art installation introduces splashes of color to an otherwise very utilitarian structure,” says WOCA juror Monika Kumor. “It plays with multiple materials to tell the story of the place and to introduce light, color and transparency in a very creative way. It gives a recognizable, strong and uplifting wayfinding element to an environment that can be stressful and overwhelming for patients and their families.”

The honorable mentions are as follows:

  • Cooke School (East Harlem, N.Y.) – The architect was PBDW Architects and the glass laminator was JE Berkowitz Architectural Glass.
  • The Kaleidoscopic Station (León, Spain) – The architect was Adif, Ineco, and Fernando Liébana and the glass laminator was Tvitec.
  • Kostel Blahoslavené Marie Restituty, Brno (Lesná, Czech Republic) – The architect was ATELIER ŠTĚPÁN — Marek Štěpán and the glass laminator was Saint-Gobain — GLASSOLUTIONS.
  • The Mist Hot Spring Hotel (Xuchang, Henan, China) – The architect was the Department of Architecture and the glass laminator was Thai Techno Glass Group PLC.