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See What’s New in the Glass and Glazing Industry in Atlanta

Offering a look at some of the newest architectural glass and glazing projects, GlassBuild America returns to Atlanta September 13-15. The event will take place at the Georgia World Congress Center, where exhibitors plan to showcase some of their newest products. Here’s a look at what some of the exhibitors will have on display.

Booth 1921: C.R. Laurence

C.R. Laurence (CRL) will feature its Palisades collection, including the new S100 sliding door system, which allows for views while delivering structural and thermal performance. The system is compatible with the Palisades S90 bi-folding door and wall system.

The company will also showcase the Metropolis post windscreen system with an ultra-slim ¾-inch face trim while meeting code requirements. An 8-foot maximum system height offers the option to create a glass wall in higher elevations. Applications include rooftops, terraces, swimming pools and outdoor dining areas. The system meets the windload requirements outlined in the International Building Code 2018 and ASCE-7/16. In addition, 316 stainless steel construction adds stability and durability.

The posts transform interiors in the company’s Klarity freestanding glass partition, which uses glass panels to maximize transparency and daylight diffusion. Unlimited configurations are available using any combination of end posts, center posts and corner posts available in 5-foot, 6-foot and 7-foot post heights.

Booth 1713: Cooper Standard

Cooper Standard Industrial and Specialty Group (ISG) will feature its engineered sealing solutions for commercial and residential  door and window applications. The company offers sealing solutions using a wide range of materials, including EPDM, silicone, neoprene and a full line of plastics. Products include door seals, iDea® Seal Technology, continuous corner designs, frames and many more custom or standard sealing solutions for a variety of applications. These include storefront and curtainwall systems; entry door systems; interior wall systems; and more.

Booth 1402: GGI

GGI has added a LiSec insulating glass line to produce commercial insulating glass units. The line streamlines the process of incorporating Alice® direct-to-glass printing, bird protection glass, decorative, laminated and/or low-E glass into IGUs to meet multiple code and design requirements. GGI is also working with ICD High Performance Coatings + Chemistries to produce spandrel glass and wall cladding utilizing OPACI-COAT-300®, a water-based silicone glass coating. The company will be showcasing its complete range of satin etched glass, including standard etched clear and low-iron, Crystal Light low-iron, satin-etched designs and anti-slip for flooring and stair treads.

Booth 1205: Guardian Glass

Guardian Glass products Bird1st™ UV glass and Bird1st™ Etch utilize a pattern to signal an impending barrier to birds visually, helping decrease collisions as established by the acceptable Threat Factor score from the American Bird Conservancy. These patterns adhere to the 2 x 4 inch rule. Additionally, when paired with select Guardian SunGuard® low-E coatings such as Guardian SunGuard® SNX 62/27 coated glass, Bird1st™glass can help projects meet LEED® Pilot Credit 55, according to the company. The company’s bird-friendly products were recently used in the Detroit Zoo, where the company donated two Bird1st™ glass products to the Holden Reptile Conservation Center project. The Detroit Zoo is also using Guardian Bird1st™ UV glass on the Southern sea otter exhibit.

Booth 709: Laminators Inc.

Laminators Inc.’s standard flat Thermolite glazing panel offers fabricated options to provide additional R-Value and to create hairline joints between panels. Panels are designed to fit into any standard or custom glazing system, according to the company. Available in smooth or stucco-embossed finishes and a variety of colors, the glazing panels provide R-value up to R-16.9, according to the company.

Booth 1639: Tecnoglass/ES Windows

ES Windows will feature its ES-SGD2020 patio door, which it says has a sleek modern-contemporary design.

This door is available in multiple configurations, thermal and non-thermally broken, impact-rated, as well as high-performance glass, offering solar gain values and acoustic ratings, multiple panel configurations and slim sightlines.

Booth 1719: Vitro Architectural Glass

Solarban® R77 glass by Vitro Architectural Glass is ideal for façade and curtainwall designs that capture the visual character of the sky and ambient environment, according to the company. On the building exterior, the glass offers silver-blue transmitted color. On the interior, it provides views of the outdoors with neutral daylighting. In a clear 1-inch IGU, Solarban® R77 glass delivers a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.25, visible light transmittance of 47% and exterior reflectance of 25%.

Booth 2606: Wagner

Level Lock Plus is Wagner’s latest glass shoe moulding systems. It is a post-less system with a locking mechanism to allow the glass to tilt 2 degrees in either direction for a precise glass alignment, according to the company. The base shoe’s symmetrical inner channel allows mechanisms to be installed on either side of the shoe, with access to tightening fasteners.

Booth 2203: Walker Glass

Walker Glass has teamed up with Vitro Glass to expand their selection of low-E coated acid-etched glass.

Architects can choose between two full surface finishes from Walker Textures® on surface 1, with Solarban® coatings from Vitro Glass on surface 2. The combination provides privacy and energy performance, according to a release.

Walker Textures® Satin and Opaque finishes utilize stain- and scratch-resistance properties. The products offer high visible light transmittance and glare control, with no significant impact on solar performance, according to the company. They are also effective as bird-safe glass solutions and meet the requirements for local law 15, New York City’s bird deterrent regulation.

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