New to the Game

Highlighting the Latest in Glass and Metal Products

By Jordan Scott

The pandemic has put some aspects of life on hold during the past year, but it hasn’t stopped companies from innovating. COVID-19 hasn’t put a stop to trends such as increased energy efficiency, the desire for hurricane glazing or aesthetic façade solutions. Since most architects have been unable to see the latest in glass and glazing products at trade shows, the annual New Products Guide is here to help.

Architectural Metals

The Beauty of Wood

Petersen’s wood grain patterns provide the durability and performance of metal with the appearance of wood. A line-up of 16 wood grain patterns offers design flexibility. The patterns are nearly indistinguishable from actual wood, and provide architects and designers with creative flexibility on highly functional surfaces, according to the company. Wood grain finishes are available on all Pac-Clad wall panels.

Color Meets Sustainability

Rheinzink has expanded its portfolio of architectural grade zinc options with the introduction of Rheinzink-Granum in dark gray Basalte and lighter Skygrey matte finishes for applications such as façade cladding and wall products. At the end of its useful installed life, the company says the products remain 100% recyclable. The company also has launched Rheinzink-Prismo color-coated, architectural-grade zinc options. The new product offering showcases a colorful, semi-transparent, matte finish in a choice of red, gold, green, brown, blue and black. Suitable for both commercial and residential projects, Rheinzink-Prismo’s color-coated zinc is a protective, fluoropolymer coating that seals the metal and imparts the selected color. The zinc material remains 100% recyclable at the end of its useful life.

Bird-Friendly Glass

GlasPro Goes to the Birds

GlasPro Inc. has expanded its Bird Safe line with 12 new solutions.vThe product line includes ultraviolet reflective, ceramic frit and acid-etched pattern glass, which meet the 2-by-4 rule for preventing bird collisions, or are highly-ranked by the American Bird Conservancy (ABC) as effective bird collision deterrents, according to the company.

With an ABC Avoidance Index (AI) of 79%, GlasPro says its ultraviolet reflective pattern glass exceeds the minimum standard of 70% for effective bird collision deterrent materials. In sunny conditions, the product’s AI is 84%. GlasPro’s frit pattern glass can reduce the transmission of light and heat. The Bird Safe Frit patterns include white ceramic dots covering 20% of the glass, 1/8-inch vertical and horizontal lines on the outermost surface. In addition, GlasPro also is a sales and fabrication partner of Walker AviProtek.

Decorative Glass

Genuine Gold

sedak can now print glass lites up to 129 by 708 inches with genuine gold and silver and a resolution of up to 1,024 dpi. The printing process allows fine details and filigree structures, according to sedak, adding that such detail lends to complex design ideas. The printing is done on float glass, with the gold or silver particles bound in a special solution and applied to the glass digitally. The metal bonds permanently to the glass during the tempering process. To protect the printed design from environmental influences or mechanical damage, the printed side is placed on the inside of the laminate toward the interlayer.

The Golden Touch

Advanced digital printing allows Tvitec to create a new line of glass that crystalizes gold, platinum and other precious metals onto tempered and laminated glass. Tvitec Gold includes a selection of designs upon flat and curved glass. High-purity gold or platinum nanoparticles are used to create the Jetver Luxury paint line.

Chrome Coating

With the new decodesign coatings, Arcon has increased surface design options for glass facades. Decodesign is weather-resistant, so it can be used on exterior glass surfaces. The coating incorporates both the decorative elements of glass along with privacy. The company uses a screen-free manufacturing process, and says the automated production process allows the glass to be manufactured cost-effectively. The coating does not adversely affect the strength of the glass, according to the company. decodesign is available in chrome, with gold and copper to follow by the end of 2021. Different levels of light transmission are available for the chrome version, and the surface mirror can be used as non-tempered float glass or as thermally tempered ESG/TVG glass.

Doors and Door Products

Minimal Hardware, Maximized Views

The Palisades S90 bi-folding door is one of the newest developments from C.R. Laurence. It features a slim 4 3/4-inch sightline, 12-foot maximum frame height and completely concealed hinges with minimal hardware to maximize views.

With a CW40 performance grade rating, the bi-folding door is suitable for exterior residential and commercial applications where large openings, high loading requirements, deflection limits and heavy use are expected, according to the company. The doors have bottom rolling panels to simplify installation, compensating channels and adjustable spacers and a 1/16-inch (+/-) adjustable roller height. They also sport a thermally broken frame and 1-inch insulating glass and stainless steel components.

Glass and Glass Coatings

Keeping Clean

NSG has launched Pilkington SaniTise, a transparent coated glass designed to help create a healthy, clean and safe world. According to the company, the pyrolytic coating is naturally activated through ultraviolet (UV) exposure from daylight, allowing it to provide antimicrobial properties and activity against enveloped viruses on the glass surface. Independent third-party testing shows SaniTise provides protection for shared/high-touch surfaces that have natural UV exposure, according to the company. Ideal applications include interior insulating glass unit (IGU) surfaces in façade systems (schools, hospitals, restaurants or hotels); shared transportation (school buses, trains, shuttle buses or marine glazings); and exterior shared spaces such as bus stop shelters and zoo enclosures.

Pilkington SaniTise is available on multiple tints and thicknesses. The pyrolytic on-line coating can be tempered, laminated, bent or processed into IGUs. The coating also is compatible with commercial grade cleaning products and is resistant to corrosion, mechanical and chemical damage.

Acuity Plus Performance

The Solarban Acuity low-E, low-iron glass series by Vitro Architectural Glass offers clarity and affordability, according to the company. Combining new Acuity low-iron glass, which is 60% less green than ordinary clear glass, with any Solarban low-E coating, can provide the clarity desired with the energy and code performance needed.

A SuperNeutral Coating

Guardian Glass North America’s SunGuard SNE 50/25 HT is a high performance, low-E coated glass with a subtle, blue-gray color and mid-reflectivity aesthetic. It has a visible light transmission of 48% and a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.25.

Designed to be used on the second and third surfaces of a standard insulating glass unit, the SunGuard SNE 50/25 HT coating is available on multiple Guardian Glass substrates.

Hurricane Glazing

Impactful Windows

The Jamestown175 Series hurricane pivot doors from Hope’s Windows Inc. are now certified for use within hurricane and impact zones. The doors adhere to Miami-Dade County, Florida Building Code and High Velocity Hurricane Zone standards, according to the company. The series includes tall single panel doors that stand 6-feet wide by 11-feet tall; time-tested solid, hot-rolled steel, ultra-thin sightlines, and Hope’s Power of Five Finishing System. The doors are tested for large missile impact (TAS-201), structural (TAS-201), cyclic load (TAS-203), air infiltration, water, and design pressure of +/- 60.0 PSF.

Oversized Protection

Faour Glass Technologies’ Slimpact IG has passed the Florida protocol for High Velocity Hurricane Zone large-missile requirements. The 12- by 8-foot insulating glass window wall offers an oversized, frameless impact window with thermal performance to meet the stringent energy codes in Florida and along the Gulf and Atlantic coastlines, according to the company.


I-ON Pushes the Limit

Laminating with Pujol’s proprietary EVA interlayer, Evalam, allows application in spaces including those where moisture is present. Pujol has taken standard polymer-dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) film technology further, integrating touchscreens and RFID technology to create interactive and dynamic designed spaces. The new brand of PDLC film is called I-ON by Pujol.

According to the company, integrating other technologies with I-ON by Pujol allows limitless applications to traditional marketing spaces such as commercial storefronts. The interlayer is supplied as a PDLC film cut to size with busbar connections or as a fully finished laminated product.

Structurally Safe

Eastman Chemical Co. has announced that laminated glass made with Saflex Structural (DG) interlayers has received General Construction Approval from the German Institute for Building Technology. The approval allows Saflex Structural to be used as an interlayer in the construction of laminated safety glass. The interlayer is produced from plasticized polyvinyl butyral for structural glazing. It is designed specifically for applications requiring superior structural capacity, high uniform load capacity, increased interlayer rigidity and high glass adhesion. According to the company, it is suitable for large glass and structural applications such as railings, glass fins and glass floors. The interlayer is capable of keeping glass intact at high and low temperatures, even after impact and
under load, according to the company.

Railings and Balustrades

A Rail with a View

Viewrail has introduced the new Vedera glass railing system for use with Flight floating stairways. The Vedera system utilizes Viewrail’s tempered, low-iron Starphire glass and a hidden fastener. According to the company, the glass railing system offers am unencumbered line of sight, with its proprietary hardware hidden behind end slices that integrate the glass directly with the treads. A round or square stainless steel cap rail or a square wood cap rail that matches the treads can be added on top of the glass to provide a handrail without requiring any posts for support. The Flight floating stair system includes a choice of 15 wood species, any of which can be finished in virtually any color stain. Unfinished wood components are also available. The stringer, made of mild steel, is available in 11 standard colors.


High-Profile Spacer

Technoform has added a high-profile, plastic hybrid stainless steel (PHSS) warm-edge spacer to its Spacer M family of glass edge seal solutions. With a profile height of 8 mm, the company says it’s the tallest PHSS spacer available for high-performance insulating glass units (IGUs) in energy-efficient window, door, curtainwall and façade systems.

The PHSS spacers are composed of a high-performance engineered polymer with a thin, low-conductivity stainless steel backing to minimize heat transfer, and to maximize protection against gas leakage and moisture penetration, according to the company, adding that its spacers can increase the condensation resistance rating by 17% and improve the sightline temperature up to 12 degrees Fahrenheit. The Spacer M solutions are available in widths (IGU cavity dimensions) spanning ¼- to 1-inch and in six standard colors: black, light gray, dark gray, white, champagne and bronze. Custom colors and sizes are also available.

Storefronts and Entrances

Storefront and Center

Kawneer has introduced its new Trifab VersaGlaze 601/601T/601UT front set framing system, which it says is the first front-set, ultra-thermal, 6-inch storefront system available. Trifab VersaGlaze 601 offers a choice of front and center glass plane applications in non-thermal, thermal and ultra-thermal configurations.

The system can be used in a wide range of building projects, including those where an economical alternative to a low-rise curtainwall is desired. The three-in-one series includes the non-thermal Trifab 601, the single thermal break Trifab 601T and the dual thermal break Trifab 601UT. The Trifab VersaGlaze 601/601T/601UT front set framing system employs screw spline, shear block and stick joinery construction for efficient fabrication and installation. Structural silicone glazing options allow for even more design possibilities. In addition, the system’s 6-inch depth accommodates higher spans than conventional 4 1/2-inch storefront framing systems, according to the company.

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