New Products Focus Fall 2020


AGC Has Purevision

AGC Glass Co. North America now offers Purevision, the latest entry in its family of low-iron glass substrates. With a reduced iron level, Purevision provides a clean, nearly colorless, consistent appearance. Th e glass also delivers a natural color rendering so surroundings appear as they should be seen, according to the company, such as achieving a true white on backpainted glass. Purevision also offers daylighting benefits, maximizing the natural light in the internal environment.

Lacobel T Warm Grey Spandrel also is available from AGC. Th e latest addition to the company’s portfolio of backpainted decorative glass, Lacobel T Spandrel has temperable paint fused into the glass. The glass has a fully opaque, neutral-colored spandrel that complements the aesthetics of most low-E coatings used today; withstands thermal shock; and is both impact- and scratch-resistant. It is also cradle-to-cradle certified at the silver level.

Keep it Clear

The Solarban Acuity glass series by Vitro Architectural Glass combines Acuity low-iron glass with any Solarban low-E coating to provide what the company calls a “truly clear look with outstanding energy and code performance.” With up to 60% less green than ordinary clear glass, Acuity glass is designed for vision glazings, both as a substrate for Solarban coatings and for all lites in an insulating glass unit or laminated configuration.

Preserving Aesthetics and Performance

The new Sedak Isosecure combines bullet-resistance with the performance capabilities of modern insulating glass, without the use of polycarbonate. According to the company, Sedak Isosecure provides protection without splintering, up to the highest bullet-resistance class BR7 NS per DIN EN 1063. The maximum size of the bullet-resistant glass is 3.5 by 20 meters.

Unlike traditional bullet-resistant products that are constructed with polycarbonate, with Sedak Isosecure both of the external lites are made from glass. Th is preserves the aesthetics of the transparent material and simplifies both handling and cleaning, according to the company. In addition to its protective capabilities, Isosecure also can meet energy performance
requirements since it can be coated and fabricated into an insulating glass unit.

Architectural Panels

Bold Visuals

PAC-CLAD Precision Series architectural wall panels are available in four new box rib profiles. Th ese panels combine bold visual effects with easy, cost-effective installation, according to the company. The Precision Series Wall Panel System includes a total of 12 profiles that can be installed either horizontally or vertically and intermixed to add visual interest. Panels also can be perforated, in aluminum only. Box rib panels come in 46 standard colors with a 30-year finish warranty (most meet LEED, ENERGY STAR and Cool Roof certification).

Laminated Glass

Edge Effect

Precision Edge technology is the latest development from Pulp Studio. Th e proprietary process is designed to deliver a high quality, zero-tolerance finish with precise alignment for both tempered and annealed laminated glass handrails. The company offers a warranty on its edge work for post-tempering fabrication.


Shearless Thermal Barriers

Technoform has introduced a shearless polyamide thermal barrier for façades, doors and windows. It reduces the deformation caused by uneven thermal expansion in aluminum framing members significantly and minimizes thermal conductivity to improve energy performance. According to the company, thermal deformation is more prevalent in large, metal-framed operable windows and sliding doors. If these units are not designed to mitigate expansion, a bowed framing member may prevent it from opening, closing or locking properly. The new shearless thermal barrier solution is designed to allow the inside and outside of aluminum framing members to expand independently at different rates without bending.


Slim Sightlines

Kawneer Company Inc. has introduced its new 1620UT/1620UT SSG curtainwall system, built on the 600UT curtainwall platform and a narrow, 2-inch sightline. The systems have an engineered polymer thermal separator and accommodate 1-inch insulating glass. It is ideal for climates where high thermal performing façades are needed.

Th e 1620UT system has a slim sightline with advanced thermal performance and offers several design options, including a traditional captured look or a two-sided vertical structural silicone glazed mullion solution for uninterrupted sightlines. Both systems use concealed fasteners in their joinery construction to create flush and unbroken sightlines. Mullion depth options provide both aesthetic and structural choices, giving the design team flexibility.

To minimize installation time and labor, straight cuts without notching simplify fabrication. A pre-engineered rainscreen pressure-equalized backpan option is available.

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