Good Things in Store

Welcome to my first blog of 2021. We’re only about four weeks into the New Year, and things have already been busy. I’m not here to re-hash what happened or didn’t happen, where we’ve been or where we’re going … though I will admit I had a few laughs over the Bernie mitten memes last week. I would like to talk some, though, about what we’re doing here at USGlass magazine and what’s headed your way over the next couple of months.

First up, you’ll soon be receiving your January issue of USGlass, which will announce the winners of our second annual Design Awards. We received a tremendous response this year, with nearly twice the number of entries as last year. While I can’t tell you the winners just yet, I can tell you there were a couple of standout themes among the winners: over-sized spans of glass and renovation/retrofit. In fact, the latter was such an important point for our judges you may just see it as an additional entry category when we announce the call for entries for this year’s awards in the spring. As Mic Patterson, one of the judges, told me “…These projects are no cakewalk; swapping out obsolete and under-performing existing products with modern high-performance materials and assemblies, while respecting the historical fabric and heritage value of these older buildings, requires an uncommon finesse and attention to detail by the design and build teams …” Keep an eye out for more on this later in the year.

Next up is the USGlass February issue, which will offer a detailed look at the industry’s top glazing contractors, along with the Contract Glazier Outlook Index report, prepared by the KMR research department. KMR’s director of research Nick St. Denis tells me that while the pandemic has definitely made its mark on the near-term prospects of construction, the glass and glazing industry remains cautiously optimistic as 2021 kicks off. Our proprietary annual outlook index still reads in the positive, though it is at the lowest level since 2017–when the indicator was first introduced.

Stay tuned for more on this next month.

And on the horizon, in March we dive into glass and metal fabrication when we bring you the Annual Guide to Fabricated Glass and Metal. This in-depth guide provides a geographic look at fabricators based on capabilities. Looking for a tempering company in Texas or a laminator in Louisiana? This helpful guide as you covered. You can also visit our online tool to search for those companies as well. If your company fabricates glass and/or metal you will want to be listed in this guide. Email me at to review and update your current listing or to get one started.

We may only be a few weeks into 2021, but like I said, we’re already busy, and we have a lot in store for you this year. If you’re working on an exciting project, are seeing some new trends and changes, or have a new product to share, I’d love to hear from you. And while we may not be traveling just yet, I’m optimistic we will all be able to gather again, in person, at some point this year. Until then, stay well and stay safe.