New Products Focus

Backpainted Glass

A Warm Grey Spandrel

Architects, designers and specifiers seeking to create the appearance of an all-glass façade have another option with AGC’s Lacobel T Warm Grey Spandrel, the latest addition to the company’s portfolio of backpainted decorative glass. Lacobel T Spandrel will never fade, according to the company, as its temperable paint is fused into the glass. The product provides architects and designers with a fully opaque, neutral-colored spandrel that complements the aesthetics of most low-E coatings used today, according to the company. Lacobel T Warm Grey Spandrel also withstands thermal shock and resists both impact and scratches.

AGC’s manufacturing process for Lacobel T ensures that the glass is pre-painted, which represents value to fabricators. They can cut and temper the product, enabling them to manage production and inventory easily. The product is Cradle-to-Cradle certified silver.­

Decorative Glass

Pinnacle of Convex Glass

Convex Pinnacle textured glass is one of the newest cast glass designs from Nathan Allan Glass Studios. Produced with deep 3D surfaces, the textures allow for dimensional viewing from both sides. The glass can be produced in both single layer tempered glass panels and double layered laminated glass panels. It is available in clear and low-iron glass, though color finishes, privacy coatings and silver backing are also available. Convex Pinnacle and Convex Pinnacle Silvered glass can be used in store-fronts, exterior facades, feature walls, dividers and partitions. ­


Ascent to New Heights

The Ascent Glass Windscreen system from Trex is suitable for rooftops, outdoor dining areas and balconies. Ascent offers a standard system at a height of 6 feet tall and is capable of handling 80 psf windloads, elevating windscreen options to altitudes not possible with previously offered specifiable systems. This product’s height and finish are customizable, with anodized, powder coated and Kynar as available options.­


The Latest in Low-E

Viracon recently launched its VRE-4725 low-E coating, featuring neutral reflected tones, 47% visible light transmission, and a 0.25 solar heat gain coefficient. Through a recently patented process, VRE-4725 was developed to meet the performance required in today’s building environment, according to the company. The aesthetics were tailored to meld the traditional, vibrant appearance of Viracon’s VRE coatings with cur-rent design trends. As with all of the company’s proprietary coatings, VRE-4725 can be combined with a broad selection of other fabrication options, including laminated and insulating glass.


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