New Product Focus

Decorative Glass

Inspired by Glaciers

Nathan Allan Glass Studios’ new Iceberg Glass is a textured, multi-complex product that can be used in a variety of applications, from accent panels to feature panels or as glass shelves. The 1.5-inch thick Iceberg Glass is surrounded by hundreds of migrating air bubbles. Frames of nuggets appear to float within the glass, creating a dreamy environment of fluid forms inspired by glaciers and icebergs. Iceberg nuggets, with chiseled edges, are solidly formed then melted within a sea of clear glass formations. The intricate production methods create panels of vivid glass features, where the icebergs appear to move and float as if gently flowing with an ocean current.

Printing Back and Front

AGC Glass Co. North America has a new portfolio of backpainted decorative glass consisting of two product families: the Lacobel T and Matelac T interior and exterior temperable products and the Lacobel and Matelac interior options. Lacobel T is float glass that is painted on one side with temperable paint to create a glossy finish, while Matelac T is an acid-etched float glass that is painted on one side with temperable paint to create a satin finish. Together, these products combine glossy and satin finishes for interiors and exteriors, enabling designers to play with contrasting finishes for a wide variety of applications, according to the company. Lacobel is annealed float glass that is painted on one side to create a glossy finish while Matelac is an annealed acid-etched float glass that is painted on one side to create a satin finish, both for interior applications. This family has a palette of 20 contemporary colors, with 14 colors in common finishes.

Anti-Glare Digital Printing

Sevasa’s LuxPrint glass line offers nearly “invisible” glass with anti-glare and anti-reflective performance for color rendering in digital printing applications or see-through applications on façades. This line serves as an anti-glare base-glass option for digital printing applications with either organic or ceramic inks. Additionally, according to the company, the glass maintains its appearance of translucent acid-etched glass while displaying image definition on anti-glare and see-through façade areas. The glass has high resistance to stains and fingerprints, durability, high light transmittance for efficient photovoltaics and BIPV, a silky feel and is easy to clean, according to the company.

Architectural Glass

Facilitating LifeFrom Amazon’s corporate headquarters in down-town Seattle to Singapore’s Jewel Changi airport, Vitro Architectural Glass’ Starphire Ultra-Clear glass is finding a new application in high-profile projects that demand the ability to facilitate photosynthesis, according to the company. After competitive modeling by architectural and horticultural teams for both projects, Starphire Ultra-Clear glass was specified for its ability to transmit the high levels of solar energy needed to support plant life of every variety, even when coated with high-performance Solarban solar control low-E coatings. Available in thicknesses from 2.5 to 19 mm, Starphire Ultra-Clear glass can be used by architects, building designers and engineers to deliver visual clarity, solar control and light transmittance.

Architectural Metals

Variety and Flexibility

Americlad AC-4300 Insulated Flush Panels by Quality Metalcrafts LLC offer variety and flexibility when specifying an infill glaze in-panel that requires the panel to flush out with the curtainwall or storefront system. Panel depths of any size can be manufactured easily to meet the design criteria, and can be painted in a Kynar finish from any of Americlad’s standard color selections or in a custom color. The panel insulation can vary depending on the desired R-value necessary for the application.

Bold Shadows

Highline B2 architectural metal wall panels combine bold visual effects with simplified, cost-effective installation, according to the company. Part of the Precision Series, this panel is available with a hidden fastener clip to accommodate expansion and contraction. The Highline B2 panel is 1-3/8inches deep and can be installed horizontally or vertically. Minimum panel length is 4 feet. The panels are offered in 45 standard colors in steel or aluminum.

Fire-rated Glass

Added Clarity

Safti First’s SuperClear 45-HS-LI is a fire protective glazing product listed and labeled by UL and Intertek. It meets all fire, hose stream and safety requirements for 45-minute applications and is approved in large sizes up to 3,880 square inches. With high acoustical ratings, it can be used in interior and exterior applications with insulating, obscure, decorative or filmed make-ups.

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