From the Editor

Time for a Change

By Jordan Scott

Architectural trends are always changing. This could be attributed to evolving tastes, advances in technologies and techniques, or even the creation of new materials. Sometimes the catalyst for change comes down to the desire to do something new and unexpected. As a publication that covers such an evolving industry, we are not immune to change.

You may have noticed that Architects’ Guide to Glass & Metal has a new logo. It’s simple, elegant and, most of all, gives more space to the amazing projects featured on our cover each issue. I hope you enjoy the update.

In this issue you’ll also find insight into relevant trends and issues facing the architectural glass industry. One of those major forces is the increased concern for the environment, from both energy and conservation standpoints.

In “Perfecting Performance,” on page 14, you’ll learn about three energy-efficient glass technologies expanding their reach globally. Vacuum insulating glass, triple glazing and double-skin façades are all vying for space in an increasingly energy-efficient industry. We’ll help you navigate those technologies.

While energy performance is a major aspect of protecting our environment, bird-friendly glass is gaining traction. Developers and architects are becoming more aware of the dangers glass presents to birds across the U.S. As legislation in New York City begins to mandate the use of bird-friendly building solutions, more cities are expected to follow suit. In “Expert Advice: Specification Considerations for Bird-Friendly Glass” on page 24, you’ll hear from Walker Glass about what you should know when deciding whether to specify bird-friendly glass for a project.

For the latest in products across the architectural glass and glazing industry, look no further than “A New Perspective” on page 20. And for an overview of metal coatings, check out “Mastering Metal” on page 10.

As we head into a new decade there will be plenty of change and development. You can count on Architects’ Guide to Glass & Metal to cover the advances, obstacles and transformations of the architectural glass industry.

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