Vitro Introduces Two New Sample Kit Options

Vitro Architectural Glass has introduced two Solarban Acuity glass sample kits, each offering architects and building designers a different way to compare and evaluate these products during the specification process.

The “Clarity Comparison Kit” kit contains two 4-by-6-inch samples, enabling side-by-side comparison of any selected Solarban solar control, low-E coating on both clear and Acuity glass. Each 4-by-6-inch sample uses the coated and interior lite of the same glass to render A clear, accurate demonstration of the low-iron aesthetic.

A separate “Coating Evaluation Kit” enables architects to select four different Solarban low-E coatings on 4-by-6-inch samples of Acuity glass. This allows architects to see and compare the appearance of multiple options from the Solarban family of coatings, which includes five distinct products with a range of solar heat gain coefficient, visible light transmittance and exterior reflectance properties.

To select and order one or both Solarban Acuity glass sample kits, visit