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Glass Industry to Show its Stuff in the Big Apple

Glass and glazing is a prominent element of many buildings throughout New York City, making it the perfect place for manufacturers and suppliers to show off their products to the architectural and design community.

Companies will do just that when the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Conference on Architecture 2018 takes place June 21-23 at the Javits Center. Many trade show exhibitors will showcase their newest developments in architectural glass and related building products. Keep reading for a look at just some of what companies will offer.

Dynamic Glass

Booth #4737 — Voice-Controlled Glass

To provide building occupants with additional personalization preferences, SageGlass has official-ly integrated with Amazon Echo to allow occupants to control the glass’ tint using voice commands. Occupants can make statements such as “Alexa, ask SageGlass to reduce glare,” or “Alexa, ask SageGlass to let the warm sun-shine in,” and watch the glass tint in accordance to the command. Along with ease of use, this capability can be integrated with other building management systems as voice controls continue to grow in popularity. ­


Booth #1981 — A Group Effort

Consolidated Glass Holdings Inc. (CGH) and its family of companies, including J.E. Berkowitz (JEB), Global Security Glazing, Columbia Commercial Building Products, Solar Seal and Dlubak Specialty Glass, will exhibit a wide range of architectural, security and specialty glass products.

CGH will feature Invisiwall glass systems, which include all-glass entrances and doors, point-support-ed glass walls, glass canopies, and commercial shower doors. In addition, CGH will exhibit a variety of specialty products, such as decorative, fire-rated, and bullet- and blast-resistant glazing products.

JEB will highlight its JEB 3Seal HM+ warm-edge spacer system for insulating glass units, and Global Security Glazing will showcase its ChildGard security glazing product line.­

Booth #1631 — Highly Transparent

Vitro Architectural Glass will preview a new glass product and display seven large insulating glass units (IGUs), as well as a dramatic glass wall featuring an array of tinted, etched and painted glasses in a 600-square-foot exhibit space.

Show attendees will be among the first to learn about Acuity glass, a new affordable, low-iron glass designed to enhance aesthetics and clarity for vision and spandrel glass applications. To be released September 2018, Acuity glass is designed to be a highly trans-parent substrate for Vitro Glass’ full range of Solarban high-performance solar control low-E glass coatings.

The company will also exhibit seven large IGUs showing Solarban 90 solar control low-E glass coated on clear and Starphire Ultra-Clear glass substrates. According to the company, Solarban 90 glass unites robust solar control with excellent visible light transmittance to meet architect demands for greater transparency and improved energy-saving performance. Other glass units will showcase Solarban 70XL on clear glass, Solarban 70XL on Optigray glass, and Solarban z75, Solarban 67 and Solarban R100 solar control low-E glasses.­

Booth #1003 — Put on a Coat

A range of float and coated glass products will be on dis-play by Guardian Glass. The company will debut its vacuum insulating glass (IG), which delivers thermal insulation that can lower glass U-value from 0.25 to 0.07 in an IG unit. It will also display its jumbo coated glass, which is coming to North America this year.

In addition, architects will get to see the company’s bird-friendly coated glass, which combines triple-silver low-E technology with frit patterns to mitigate bird collisions.­


Booth #1945 — Don’t Panic

Attendees will get a first look at the new Entice panic device from C.R. Laurence. The Entice panic device is an access control handle that features an independent, ultra-narrow horizontal crash bar that is engineered to easily and securely attach to the vertical ladder pull component. The two-piece design simplifies assembly and alignment, which expedites installation.

According to the company, evolving energy codes are requiring greater thermal performance from entrance systems, so the Entice Panic is designed for installation on both monolithic tempered glass doors and double-glazed insulating glass units using proprietary through-glass fittings. ­


Architectural Metals

Booth #1124 — Creative Effects

Petersen Aluminum Corp.’s Highline metal wall panels feature varying rib pat-terns and widths for creative architectural effects. Highline panels are 1 3/8 inches deep and offered in 12-inch or 16-inch widths. No-clip or clip-fastened options accommodate thermal expansion and contraction. Panels come in steel and aluminum in multiple gauges, and are covered by a 30-year finish warranty. Highline panels are available in 45 Pac-Clad colors, 30 of which meet Energy Star requirements. ­


Booth #1767 — A Single Component

Viracon is now producing insulating glass units with its Thermal Spacer —VTS. VTS replaces the traditional combination of metal spacer, desiccant and primary sealant with a single component.

The proprietary formulation of VTS consists of a black thermoplastic elastomer with integrated desiccant and primary sealant that is chemically bonded directly to the glass and secondary sealant. The extrusion method for the thermoplastic material results in a smooth, continuous, matte black finish without shine, perforation marks or seams. There’s also no separate PIB component. In addition, edge deletion is placed within the VTS to help improve the edge-of-glass aesthetics.

VTS is available for IGUs up to 130 inches by 236 inches. It can be combined with Viracon’s other fabrication options including lamination, silkscreen or digital printing, as well as a broad selection of the company’s proprietary glass coatings.­

Booth #2827 — Strength and Efficiency

Quanex Building Products will showcase its products and solutions that meet the evolving needs of architects’ most forward-thinking designs, including high-performance Mikron window systems and Super Spacer technology.

The company will feature the Mikron AW-Rated System C3-11300, a unique vinyl system that meets the needs of mid- and high-rise commercial buildings with a mix of strength, energy performance and aesthetics. Ideal for both new construction and replacement projects, this versatile window profile delivers high structural performance and thermal efficiencies.

Quanex will also feature Super Spacer TriSeal, a premium choice for commercial insulating glass need, including silicone structural glazing. Super Spacer TriSeal provides a unique triple-seal design for immediate handling, enhanced gas retention, and proven structural strength and superior durability. It can be used for bent, curved and other demanding architectural glass applications.­

Thermal Barriers

Booth #165 — Shear Strength

Azon will showcase new technology for aluminum framing—the MLP (mechanical lock profile) and Azo-Core—for commercial and residential aluminum window, door, storefront and curtainwall. Azon turnkey solutions offer a combination of energy efficiency and high shear strength of thermal barriers for aluminum fenestration products used in the most demanding climates and conditions, according to the company. ­


Booth #4167 — Sustainable Silicone

Dow will feature products and expertise to help enable bold building designs, including long-lasting Dowsil brand silicone structural glazing sealants with lifespans expected to exceed 50 years. The company will also show durable Dowsil brand silicone weatherproofing sealants and the water-based Dowsil Silicone Air Barrier System complemented by a fully compatible system. Dow’s façade engineering and architectural design team will provide expertise on designing high-performance façades.

Dow Corning brand products are now available through the new Dowsil brand, which represents the combination of Dow and Dow Corning. According to the company, customers will receive the same warranty coverage, features and benefits from these long-known silicone products.­


Booth #4367 — Sky Walking

Glass Flooring Systems Inc. will feature the SkyFloor walkable skylight.

The Series 2000 Ultra High-Performance is listed with both the National Fenestration Rating Counsel and Energy Star. It has a U-value of .32 and a solar heat gain coefficient of .27.

The walkable skylight uses a high-performance “structural” Ensinger Insulbar thermal break and a stepped glass assembly, eliminating structural load from the insulating glass unit spacer. It also includes an integrated internal gutter in the perimeter of the frame with a weep system and an integrated mechanical glass that is engineered to restrict uplift pressures. The skylight is made with double insulating glass, triple insulating glass, a double low-E coating, a double krypton gas-filled air space, a warm edge air space and a Kynar 500 painted finish.­

Fire-Rated Glass

Booth #1021 — Fire-Rated up to Two Hours

SAFTI First announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has officially awarded US Patent Number 9,926,709 to the GPX FireFloor System. USA-made, the GPX FireFloor System is listed and labeled by Intertek and UL for up to two hours. According to the company, the system offers the largest tested and listed individual panels for fully supported and butt-glazed glass floor applications. It features a single glass unit with custom SuperLite II-XL fire-resistive glass combined with a tempered, laminated walking surface that is top-loaded into a structural steel, fire-rated framing grid for easy installation. The GPX FireFloor system’s design includes provisions for bomb-blast and seismic and is adjustable for sloped drainage if required.

In addition, SAFTI First will highlight its company video for the first time at a major industry trade show.


Booth #4737 — Safe and Sound

In the face of increasing safety concerns at schools, hospitals and other public buildings, Vetrotech Saint-Gobain has introduced Keralite SafeGuard, an economical fire-protective-rated glazing product offering combined protection against fire, accidental impact and intruders. In addition, the glass features Keralite Select’s color and clarity qualities, ensuring safety does not come at the expense of aesthetics and views, according to the company.

As an intrusion barrier, Keralite SafeGuard deters or delays an active shooter to help prevent an attack or slow an attack until first responders arrive. When shot with a rifle, SafeGuard did not shatter. In threatening situations, this feature will protect occupants from injuries that can result from shattered glass, according to the company. In the event of fire, SafeGuard contains smoke and flames, allowing more time for occupants to escape.

Along with standard accidental impact tests under CPSC 16CFR Part 1201, Vetrotech tested SafeGuard in simulations designed to mimic attacks in which an intruder is attempting to gain access to a building. Additional testing showed the glass could withstand the impact of a 300-pound person.­

Bird-Friendly Glass

Booth #4325 — For the Birds

AviProtek E from Walker Glass combines the acid-etch visual markers on the number one surface with Solarban high-performance low-E coatings on position two. The acid-etch on the outside surface mutes the reflection to create contrast, which provides effective visual markers for birds for both direct and angled views. The acid-etched markers have no significant impact on the level of visible light transmission. In addition, optimal energy performance can be reached with Solarban 60 and 70XL high performance low-E coatings from Vitro on surface two, providing a solar heat gain coefficient of between .30 and .27. ­

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