From the Editor

It’s Nice to Meet You!

By Jordan Scott

I’m Jordan Scott, the new editor of Architects’ Guide to Glass & Metal, and I’m excited to be taking on this responsibility, as former editor Nick St. Denis completes the transition into his role of research director for our parent company Key Media & Research.

Since I began working in this industry, I’ve found myself looking upward when I walk through cities. While I enjoy the scenery at eye level, there’s nothing quite like seeing the sky reflected off of a glass building that stretches endlessly up toward the clouds. I know I sound like a sap, but it’s true. Glazing is important to how we experience a city’s geography, whether on the street or gazing out a window.

In this issue, we address some of the exciting new projects from around the world. Architects are often inspired by both the natural and man-made world, always searching for new perspectives. This culminates in the interesting shapes, textures and innovations of the world’s most celebrated buildings.

As I worked on this issue, I felt thankful for architecture as an art form. I hope to aid in this endeavor going forward, offering insights from the glass and glazing industry with the hope that, even in a small way, I can help inform design and specification choices.

On a different note, I recently attended the 2018 AIA Conference on Architecture in New York. I met with dozens of glass and metal companies spread across both floors. As I traveled from booth to booth, my eye constantly was drawn toward the products from companies representing industries outside of mine. It’s amazing how many materials, systems and solutions architects have to consider when designing a building or a space. With so much to explore, I’m thankful to you, the reader, for taking the time to explore our corner of the world.

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