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What to Expect at Glass Shows this Fall

From decorative and architectural glass to spacers and hardware, there is plenty for architects to check out at the biggest glass events coming up this fall. Glass and glazing companies will display their newest developments, giving architects more options to enhance their projects. Prepare yourself for the fall show season with this preview of what’s in store on the trade show floors at GlassBuild America in Las Vegas, September 12-14, and glasstec in Düsseldorf, Germany, October 23-26.


Group Effort

Consolidated Glass Holdings Inc. (CGH) will debut its expanded line of Invisiwall commercial shower doors, as well as other Invisiwall glass systems, including all-glass entrances and doors, and point-supported glass walls. I

ts company J.E. Berkowitz will highlight its 3Seal HM+ warm-edge spacer system for insulating glass units (IGU), which features triple seal technology, including a high-strength and high-modulus silicone secondary sealant. CGH company Dlubak will display bent glass capabilities for commercial, residential, security and military applications. It is available in a variety of glass types—including insulating, low-E, laminated, tempered and monolithic.

Global Security Glazing, also a CGH company, will showcase its Childgard product line, which is constructed using an arrangement of proprietary transparent materials so the glazing can withstand extensive physical attack in forced-entry scenarios.

Good for the Birds

Guardian Glass will feature a number of architectural glass products, including its new bird-friendly coated glass, which combines the company’s SunGuard SNX-L 62/34 HT coated glass and triple-silver technology with frit patterns to mitigate bird collisions. The company’s Bird1st UV coatings can be combined with SunGuard coated glass and work with laminated glass so the glass is more visible to birds, but very subtle to the human eye.

In addition, the company will highlight its SunGuard low-E coatings portfolio and its UltraClear low-iron glass. Also new, is the company’s Vacuum IG, which can deliver thermal insulation that, according to the company, can lower an insulating glass unit’s U-value from 0.25 to 0.07.

Guardian Glass will also feature its new jumbo coated glass, which will launch this year.


Accordion to Who?

PRL Glass & Aluminum will showcase a variety of glass and aluminum products, including its aluminum bi-fold accordion doors. The system is thermally-broken for increased energy efficiency with the option for differing finishes, including a wood veneer inside with a weather-resistant finish outside. It features air and water protection with an option for hurricane impact and sound control rating with laminated glass. The doors can be stacked to create an unobstructed view.


No Need to Panic

The Entice Panic Device by C.R. Laurence-Blumcraft features an independent, ultra-narrow crash bar that’s engineered to easily and securely attach it to the vertical panic component. This two-piece system eliminates alignment issues and allows for a one-person installation, as well as specification of in-demand, back-to-back ladder pulls.The system is stocked in four standard widths for immediate availability.

Smooth Slider

The new Bohle slider will make its debut in the fall 2018. According to the company, the carriages run quietly and the glass door feels like it is floating when being opened and closed. Measurement is not required to mount the glass in the clamping mechanism, and the clamp is placed flush with the edge of the glass. Special clamping inserts provide a secure and firm hold of the disc.

This sliding door system works with the same profile in every weight category, so the track profile maintains a narrow appearance.

No Water, No Air

Roto’s Inowa is a hardware solution to enhance the overall performance and functionality of a sliding patio door. Inowa, which stands for “Impermeable: No Water, No Air,” provides a high level of thermal performance.The hardware system incorporates a continuous gasket system around the operable sash, along with concealed lock points, even in the mullion area where the two sashes come together.


Wafer-Thin Film

Ensinger Building Products is offering Insulbar LEF high reflection, low-E film. It allows significant improvement to the thermal properties of all Insulbar profiles with flag.

Insulbar LEF is a wafer-thin low-E film that’s applied on the flag transversely to the direction of thermal conductivity. According to the company, this helps reduce losses due to thermal radiation and achieves an emission level of E=0.03 in compliance with EN12898 and ENIS010456.

Fire-Rated Glass

Fire and Force Protecton

Keralite SafeGuard by Vetrotech Saint-Gobain is a fire-protective-rated glazing product designed to protect against fire, accidental impact and forced entry. According to the company, testing shows that the product provides an additional two to four minutes of incident response time, as well as fire-protec-tion for 20 minutes to three hours. It also has a 97.1 color rendering index and a low haze value.

Super Sized

Vitro Architectural Glass will highlight its new jumbo coater capability and debut samples of Acuity glass, a new low-iron glass substrate for Solarban solar control low-E glasses, which enables architects to enhance transparency and solar control in high-performance insulating glass units fabricated with products in the Solarban glass family.

Technical experts also will be available to discuss the company’s new jumbo magnetron sputtered vacuum deposition (MSVD) coater in Wichita Falls, Texas. The coater produces energy-efficient, high-performance low-E glasses in sizes up to 130 by 204 inches.

In addition, Vitro Glass will showcase its Starphire Ultra-Clear glass and Sungate passive low-E glasses, as well as patterned low-E Walker Textures AviProtek E bird-safe glass by Walker Glass and decorative and spandrel glasses finished with Opaci-Coat 300 by ICD High Performance Coatings.

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