SolarWindow Module Passes Lamination Test

SolarWindow Technologies Inc. announced its electricity-generating glass was successfully processed through a commercial window fabricator’s autoclave system for glass lamination.

“Layered with SolarWindow electricity-generating liquid coatings, glass modules were subjected to the extremely high heat and pressure of autoclave equipment located at the fabricator’s facility,” reads a release from the company. “Despite the SolarWindow modules being subjected to the harsh pressure and temperature conditions, subsequent performance testing confirmed that the modules continued to produce power, paving the way for deployment of the company’s electricity-generating windows.”

CEO John A. Conklin traveled to the west coast-based plant to oversee the SolarWindow modules go through the process. “Hours later, I witnessed first-hand the moment that our SolarWindow coatings and modules emerged unscathed, withstanding the extremely high-pressure and temperature inside,” he says.

SolarWindow modules also recently passed weather-performance testing after being subjected to more than 200 freeze/thaw cycles, which the company says confirms the product’s ability to withstand real-world conditions.