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Now that I am finally home after a good bit of travel over the past couple months, it’s time to go through the old cell phone and look back on the many, many (many) pictures that made their way home with me. If your phone’s like mine, it’s filled with thousands of photos because you never get around to downloading them (no lectures, please. Yes, I know I need to do this). Some I will keep; others I look at and think “why did I take this?” Bu-bye to those.  Let’s take a quick scroll back on some of the recent moments I’m carrying around these days.

Evenings in Dusseldorf were beautiful.
It was rare to be at glasstec when the weather was so nice.
It was rare to be at glasstec when the weather was so nice.

This year was my seventh trip to the glasstec trade fair in Dusseldorf—and the first I’ve attended when it took place in September. Usually it’s cold –very cold. Sometimes it snows. This year the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. Days were bright and sunny with temps in the mid-70s; evenings were equally as pleasant, which made walking along the Altstadt quite nice.

Solar is back … well, it never really left. For a while it was all the buzz in the glass industry, but fizzled a bit as companies worked to figure out how best they could benefit from growth in this market. The main way for the glazing industry falls in the area of BIPV. Of course, you have to make sure the panels are used in the right places. Walking through Cologne the Saturday after glasstec I saw this BIPV installation, and directly across the street? A tall building … blocking the sun. Hmmmm.

And across the street ... where's the sun?
And across the street … where’s the sun?
BIPV in Germany ...
BIPV in Germany …

A couple weeks after glasstec I was L.A. bound for a trip to Greenbuild. In a world where Uber rules (I do think “Uber” was the buzzword of last week’s GlassBuild America in Vegas … everyone was “Ubering”), I had the chance to cruise in style—Tesla style. Sage Glass was driving people over in the cars to the nearby US Bank Tower, home of the 71Above restaurant, which features Sage electrochromic glass. And just to be clear, I did not go on the Skyslide, also at the US Bank Tower.

Cruising L.A. in style.
Cruising L.A. in style.

Sometimes it’s just an interesting detail or feature that makes me take a picture. This public art display caught my eye while I was walking through the Crystals shopping center in Las Vegas last week. Called Halo, (Fountains of CityCenter) the display features twisting water vortices, tipped slightly so they look as though they are about to fall.

Public art display at the Shops at Crystals in Las Vegas.
Public art display at the Shops at Crystals in Las Vegas.

That brings me to the end of this scroll through my photo memories. If travel has been keeping you busy, I hope your schedule is starting to slow down a bit, too.