NYC’s VIA 57 West Wins CTBUH Honors

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) announced the winners and finalists for the CTBUH 2016 Tall Building Awards.

© Nic Lehoux via CTBUH

© Nic Lehoux via CTBUH

VIA 57 West in New York City won the Americas category. Per CTBUH’s description of the project:

“VIA 57 WEST accomplishes the ambitious goal of forging an entirely new high-rise typology. Coined by the architect as a “courtscraper,” the tower is a hybrid between the European perimeter block and the traditional Manhattan high-rise, while combining the advantages of both. It has the compactness, density, and intimacy of a classic courtyard building with the grandeur, airiness, and expansive views of a skyscraper. The building offers a unique vision for the future of the tall building; one that manages to synthesize high-quality and visually appealing architecture with the needs of the client, all without sacrificing environmental performance or residential quality. See the building profile on The Skyscraper Center.”

The Shanghai Tower in China won the Asia and Australasia, category, the White Walls building in Nocosia, Cyprus, won in Europe, and The Cube in Beirut, Lebanon, was the Middle East and Africa winner. (Click here for more information on these projects.)

“This year saw some of the most forward-looking entries yet, with 132 submissions vying for recognition,” a release from CTBUH reads. The awards are an independent review of new projects, judged by a prestigious panel of experts. According to CTBUH, they seek to “provide a more comprehensive and sophisticated view of these important structures, while advocating for improvements in every aspect of performance, including those that have the greatest positive impact on the individuals who use these buildings and the cities they inhabit.”

All award winners will be recognized at the CTBUH 15th Annual Awards Symposium, which will take place at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, on November 3. The symposium will be followed by the awards ceremony and dinner in the Crown Hall. At the event, the four regional Best Tall Building winners will compete for the title of Best Tall Building Worldwide, as determined by the awards jury.