Snap, Crackle, Pop

Revere_nl_tmb copyAccording to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, synonyms for revere include adore, glorify and worship. The interior architectural design of the Revere Hotel in Boston, Mass., which includes a large decorative glass panel, may make some spectators do just that.

With an interior panel crafted from glass that offers a “crackled” appearance, the modern decorative pane used in the hotel was developed from several layers of glass.

“We produced the glass, which is a combination of three different layers of glass, melted together, to form the Crackle appearance,” says Barry Allan, director of Nathan Allan Studios Inc. “The project involved a major renovation of Boston’s famous Revere Hotel. Part of this renovation was to include a very contemporary and impressive wall of glass which would capture everyone’s attention.”

Ed McCabe of Cafco Construction served as the contractor for the project and K&G Entrances Inc. installed the glass.

According to the Nathan Allan website, “The Revere, Boston, is a luxury hotel embodying the city’s rich history while embracing a modern edge. This balance of contemporary and timeless style was choreographed by BBGM Interiors, who called upon our glass artisans to craft a 12.5’ wide x 25” high wall of Crackle glass.”

In conjunction with BBGM’s interior design aesthetic, Cambridge Seven Associates also served as the architect on the project.