World Premieres

Walking the aisles of the 2013 AIA Show, which opened today in Denver, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the vast array of products, displays and features. But there is always something to take away: fresh ideas, design inspirations, new products. But at least one company today took it a bit further in what they had to offer architects.

YKK AP debuted a brand new music video, “I am an Architect,” that parodies the life an architect might typically lead.

“We created the video parody about the challenges architects face in daily life,” said Mike Turner, vice president of marketing.

He explained that like many companies, they work closely with architects on a regular basis and did so in creating the video as well. He said they got together with a group of architects and simply asked them about their challenges.

“It looks at the young audience, but also resonates with the current generation of architects as well,” Turner said.

So today, before a crowded booth, the company launched the world premiere of “I am an Architect.” Take a look for yourself here and see what you think of their latest hit.

The video debut wasn’t the only big picture item at the show. Seele debuted what it called the world’s largest piece of laminated glass. Fabricated in Germany and shipped here to the show, the glass is 46 feet long by 10 feet-6 inches high. The glass make-up is two layers of ½-inch thick heat-strengthened, low iron glass, with DuPont’s Sentry Glass interlayer.

Be sure and look to our show video coverage for a closer look at this big piece of glass as well as all of AIA 2013.