The Number

We all have one—that three-digit number. The number that only we know … and probably our doctors … but we never, ever tell anyone else. Your number is yours and yours alone. Most people put forth diligent efforts to bring that number down. They are prayerful and optimistic that all of their hard work will pay off. But it wasn’t a decrease I was after with my number of late; I wanted it to increase—the higher the better. So when the scale tipped in at 145 I was ecstatic.

Nearly 100 attendees took part in Architects' Forum 2013.
Nearly 100 attendees took part in Architects’ Forum 2013.

One-hundred and forty-five was the pre-registration number for the recent Architects’ Forum, which took place in Hauppauge (Long Island), N.Y. While we had always expected a great turnout, given the location and proximity to so many architects, this number exceeded our initial plans. Over the six months prior to the event, the program doubled, going from an initial three presentations to our final six. As the pre-registration numbers added up we soon found ourselves in need of a new presentation room and we had to scramble to change. It was a great problem to have.

While the snow storms that ultimately struck the Long Island area did keep some attendees from making the trip, the results were still tremendous—and many continued to arrive and register on-site. Nearly 100 architects took part in the third Architects’ Forum staging—our first on Long Island—and left with half of their annually required AIA learning units.

The event would not have been the success that it was if it wasn’t for our amazing sponsors and presenters, so a HUGE thank you to them: Fenzi North America, J.E. Berkowitz, Guardian Industries, Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope®, Quanex Building Products, SAFTI First and YKK AP.

We are already starting to think about the next staging. What programs and presentations would you like to see? Feel free to email me or comment below with your ideas and suggestions.