AIA to Aid in Hurricane Sandy Aftermath and Recovery

Many communities were devastated by the recent impact of Hurricane Sandy and are now moving forward, making plans for recovery and rebuilding. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has issued a statement with regard to the assessment and recovery efforts.

“To the many communities in Hurricane Sandy’s path, members of the AIA and the AIA National Disaster Assistance Committee send our hopes for their safety. The AIA will work closely with our colleagues, as we have following other severe weather events, to assist local communities in their recovery efforts,” says AIA president Jeff Potter, FAIA. “Through our network of chapters, we are beginning to assess the damage to communities in the Northwest and Midwest regions. Now that the storm is passing, we will formulate plans to assist architects there in evaluating the building damage caused by the storm and map a path to recovery.”

Potter says experienced disaster responders with the AIA have resources to help prepare architects for this important role. Additional information is available through the AIA Disaster Response Program website.

“A commitment to public service is a core value of our profession,” Potter adds. “We intend to live up to that value in the hours and days ahead as we prepare to assist the communities hit by Hurricane Sandy.”

According to the statement, anyone wishing to donate to the recovery effort can make a contribution to the AIA’s partners, Architecture for Humanity.