So Many Choices

Thinking of glass for your next interior design project? Why not use glass on the walls? Floor? Stairs—just about anywhere. Ask just about any decorative glass fabricator and they’d certainly let you know they’d have no problems with a design calling for glass used extensively in any given project. Decorative architectural glass has continued to be a hot-ticket item in interior applications and in June a number of these companies will be featuring a lot these products at NeoCon, which takes place annually at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart.

I’ve had the opportunity to attend the event a couple of times, and have spent some time lately talking with some companies in the decorative glass market. Based on those discussions, here’s my take on what will be some decorative glass trends you can expect to see at NeoCon.

Color. Experts agree that adding color is a great way to achieve an aesthetically pleasing look. Backpainted glass is one way to achieve this intent.

Images. From logos to photographs, you can put anything you want on glass—what’s more custom than that?

Floors. Yes even the floor can be made of glass. Technologies are used to create anti-slip surfaces for everything from walkways to stairs to dance floors.

Write on it. This concept emerged a few years ago and it’s been one I’ve seen more and more. Think about a dry-erase board; now think of it made of glass. Add in magnetic capabilities and you could have an entire magnetic glass wall that you can write on and wipe clean. (I’m seriously thinking I will need this for my son’s playroom!)

Glass is really a substrate with a lot to offer. What do you see as the big decorative trends? Post your comments below and let us know how you, too, are using glass in your work.