Two Chicago-Area Companies Go Green with Recycled Glass

Two Chicago firms have embraced eco-friendly design tactics by using recycled glass products in their interiors. Both the Dana Hotel and Spa and Thomas Interior Systems have recently installed flooring and countertop materials from Plano, Texas-based Glass Recycled, which creates environmentally-friendly floor and countertop materials from recycled glass and porcelain products.

A custom reception desk countertop was created by Glass Recycled For Thomas Interior Systems in Chicago.

The Dana Hotel and Spa is a new boutique establishment, featuring 216 rooms. Glass Recycled’s flooring material was installed in the spa and lobby area. Thomas Interior Systems, noted as the original dealer for Herman Miller office furniture, features a custom-designed, curved reception desk made with a combination of red, grey, black and mirrored materials.

“Top level firms have begun to use our products for a number of other notable projects including Nike, Whole Foods, PepsiCo and others,” says Tim Whaley, founder of Glass Recycled and developer of the company’s patented process. “We work with a number of architects and professional designers across the country who love specifying both our GlassSLAB kitchen countertop and GlassPLANK flooring material products because they are the only recycled glass choices that come in unlimited color combinations and at the same time add much-desired points to their LEED certification totals.”