McMullen of PPG to Speak at Façade Tectonics #7

Chuck McMullen, PPG national architectural manager for the flat glass Construction Market Team, will speak at Façade Tectonics #7, a one-day conference being held December 2 by the University of Southern California (USC) School of Architecture.

McMullen’s presentation, “Energy Efficient Glazing: Commercial Glass Selection Criteria,” will include details on energy modeling using different low-E glass coatings, the evaluation of spectrally selective tinted glasses with low-E coatings, and the difference between laminated and insulating low-e coatings.

Façade Tectonics was originally established as a research focus group and is part of the doctoral program at the USC School of Architecture. The group conducts two conferences each year with presentations by architects, engineers, façade designers and researchers.

Additional program information is available on the event website.