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AIA Expands Documents-On-Demand Service with 24 New Contract Documents

November 15th, 2011 | Category: Industry News

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has added 31 documents to AIA Documents-on-Demand, bringing the total number of documents available through this service to 79. This addition includes most of the G Series forms for contract administration and project management, as well as other documents to support design and construction projects.

AIA Documents-on-Demand is a web-based service that enables both PC and MAC users to access, electronically fill out and print the latest AIA Contract Documents anytime and anywhere with access to the Internet and a printer. The following documents have been added to AIA Documents-on-Demand:

1. A701–1997, Instructions to Bidders;

2. B103–2007, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect for a Large or Complex Project;

3. B144ARCH-CM–1993, Standard Form of Amendment for the Agreement Between Owner and Architect where the Architect Provides Construction Management Services as an Adviser to the Owner;

4. C101–1993, Joint Venture Agreement for Professional Services;

5. C106–2007, Digital Data Licensing Agreement;

6. C727–1992, Standard Form of Agreement Between Architect and Consultant for Special Services;

7. E201–2007, Digital Data Protocol Exhibit;

8. G601™–1994, Request for Proposal – Land Survey;

9. G602™–1993, Request for Proposal – Geotechnical Services;

10. G704™CMa–1992, Certificate of Substantial Completion, Construction Manager-Adviser Edition;

11. G704™DB–2004, Acknowledgement of Substantial Completion of a Design-Build Project;

12. G705™–2001, List of Subcontractors;

13. G707™–1994, Consent of Surety to Final Payment;

14. G707A™–1994, Consent of Surety to Reduction in or Partial Release of Retainage;

15. G709™–2001, Work Changes Proposal Request;

16. G710™–1992, Architect’s Supplemental Instructions;

17. G711™–1972, Architect’s Field Report;

18. G712™–1972, Shop Drawing and Sample Record;

19. G714™–2007, Construction Change Directive;

20. G714™CMa–1992, Construction Change Directive, Construction Manager-Adviser Edition;

21. G715™–1991, Supplemental Attachment for ACORD Certificate of Insurance 25-S;

22. G716™–2004, Request for Information;

23. G737™–2009, Summary of Contractors’ Applications for Payment, Construction Manager as Adviser Edition;

24. G801™–2007, Notification of Amendment to the Professional Services Agreement;

25. G802™–2007, Amendment to the Professional Services Agreement;

26. G803™–2007, Amendment to the Consultant Services Agreement;

27. G804™–2001, Register of Bid Documents;

28. G806™–2001, Project Parameters Worksheet;

29. G807™–2001, Project Team Directory;

30. G809™–2001, Project Abstract; and

31. G810™–2001, Transmittal Letter.

Additional information about AIA Contract Documents can be found through the AIA website.

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