SAFTI FIRST Hosts Architects’ Educational Program in New York City

SAFTI FIRST, a manufacturer of fire rated glazing and framing systems, hosted an architects’ educational program recently at the W Hotel in New York City. The half-day educational conference gave approximately 100 architects and specifiers the opportunity to learn about the latest advances in glazing technology and design.

Tim Nass, Safti First

The program consisted of four presentations for which attendees could earn AIA/CES LUs, HSW and SD credits.

The first presentation was about code considerations in fire-rated glass by Tim Nass, who is national sales manager for SAFTI FIRST.

He reviewed the updated International Building Code (IBC) and fire-test requirements when designing for life safety, and discussed the differences between fire protective versus fire resistive glazing products as it relates to protecting people and property.

Jeff Haber, W&W Glass LLC, then gave a presentation about innovations in structural glass.

Jeff Haber

He discussed the importance of stress and deflection when engineering structural glazing and various types of back-up structures such as glass fins and steel and tension cables. He also provided information on how structural glazing systems can be used to create glass skylights and canopies. Information was also provided on industry innovations such as triple insulating bolted glass, bomb-blast resistant glazing, hurricane-impact resistant facades, dual-skin climate walls, and direct print to glass technology, as well as what heat soaking of glass is and what its role is.

Steve Fronek, Wausau Window and Wall Systems, then gave a presentation on window selection and sustainability for long-term performance.

Steve Fronek

He explained the importance of “balanced design” with particular emphasis on those criteria most appropriate for selecting fenestration used in commercial, institutional, and high-rise residential occupancies: weather-ability, structural integrity, energy efficiency, condensation, and sound control. He also covered industry standards and test methods.

The final presentation was by Rick Sharp, Firestone Metal Products, Una-Clad.

He discussed the features and benefits of different materials for cladding systems for barrier and rain-screen systems as it relates to size limitations, costs, and performance. The objection was to provide information to enable architects and specifiers to select and specify the appropriate wall panel system for a project.

Vincent Lee, Lee & Georgescu Architects in Brooklyn, said he is amazed at the options which the glazing industry has made available to architects.

“It used to be there was just ‘glass’ and now there are so many innovative products available to us,” he said. “This was a good opportunity to find out about them.”

This is the second time that SAFTI FIRST has hosted this type of event. The first was in San Francisco in late October 2010. In addition to the companies who had representatives make presentations, Schott Glass was also a sponsor of the event.