President Obama Proclaims May National Building Safety Month

Yesterday President Barack Obama proclaimed May 2011 as National Building Safety Month. “Building safety is a critical component of our homeland security, our personal and public safety, the protection of property, and our economic well-being,” stated President Obama. “While disasters have had devastating and heartbreaking effects in our country and around the world, modern building safety standards and fire prevention codes help us withstand, mitigate, and rapidly recover from hurricanes, winter storms, tornadoes, earthquakes and floods. It is our collective responsibility as a Nation–nonprofit organizations and the public and private sectors–to implement effective standards and codes that sustain safe and resilient structures.”

In his proclamation, President Obama also noted, “We need innovation and partnerships at all levels of society to develop transformative breakthroughs in building materials and construction techniques that strengthen the integrity of our homes, workplaces and commercial facilities.”

He said many of those involved in the construction industry, including architects, engineers, design professionals and builders, among others, work every day to ensure the sound construction of buildings and the safety of our citizens.

“Their efforts to construct or retrofit buildings that utilize state-of-the-art safety, energy efficiency, and fire prevention standards are important to our national resilience and our ability to compete in the 21st-century economy,” said President Obama. “As a resilient Nation, we must continue to do everything in our power to enhance our ability to withstand and rapidly recover from natural and manmade disasters, disruptions and emergencies.”