Glass Details Featured in New Williams Selyem Winery

Wine producer Williams Selyem has announced the opening of a new 28,000-square-foot winery in Healdsburg, Calif. Created by the D’Arc Group, the new winery is designed to reflect Williams Selyem’s minimalist approach to winemaking and respect for the environment. The building is organic to the site, reflecting the natural resources of the area. It is also in sync with the style of the wines produced.

The overall design theme is based on the image of a barrel. The front exterior of the building showcases an arching barrel wall and features large windows that provide views of the Russian River Valley. Once inside, visitors find themselves in a glass and metal atrium area that looks up into the barrel vault, giving the feeling of being truly inside the wine. Every element of the building design is meant to represent the vernacular of wine.

The atrium area features an enormous wall of glass bottles, sourced from Vetreria Etrusca in Italy and designed by Alessandro Belli, an Italian architect who graduated from U.C. Berkeley. Each piece of glass is sealed by a stainless steel champagne crown cap to reinforce the vernacular of wine-design philosophy.

In addition to the glazing, the winery also features solar panels on the roof of the parking structure.