Zurich’s North America Commercial Construction Introduces Liability Coverage for Architects and Engineers

Zurich, a property and casualty insurance provider, introduced a new professional liability policy for design firms of all sizes that provide architectural and engineering services to the construction industry.

Coverage enhancements include:

• Technology coverage for website and database design, design and maintenance of computer programs, business information modeling and electronic data transmission when done in conjunction with professional services;

• An expanded definition of professional services to include scientists, technical consultants, technology services and LEED accredited professionals;

• Punitive damages where allowed by law;

• Reimbursement of legal expenses incurred while responding to lawsuits arising from violating regulations required by the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Fair Housing Act;

• Reimbursement of legal expenses incurred while responding to inquiries from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and state licensing board proceedings;

• Contractors Pollution Liability with no fungus exclusion;

• Automatic newly acquired or formed entities coverage for 90 days; and

• A deductible credit of up to $25,000 when mediation is used.

There are also a number of program options, including intermediate and large deductibles, specific project excess limits with no minimum number of endorsements, and limits of liability for practice and project-specific policies up to $25 million.

The coverage is approved for use in 48 states, and Zurich says it has the ability to help address the needs of multi-national firms by issuing local policies in more than 150 countries.