Polshek Partnership Announces New Name: Ennead Architects

Partners Joseph Fleischer, Timothy Hartung, Duncan Hazard, Kevin McClurkan, Richard Olcott, Susan Rodriguez, Tomas Rossant, Todd Schliemann and Don Weinreich and Design Counsel James Polshek announced the name change of Polshek Partnership LLP to Ennead Architects LLP. According to the announcement, the name change marks the culmination of a transition in organizational structure and design leadership begun more than 30 years ago. The partnership’s identification with a single design leader has evolved to an identity defined by the leadership and collaboration of nine accomplished architects.

Ennead derives from the Greek term for a group of nine and expresses the aspirations and dynamic spirit of the practice as an innovative, collaborative and ever-evolving studio environment at the forefront of contemporary architecture and design.

The partners also announced that they are creating Ennead Lab, a private foundation dedicated to research, education and advocacy. The foundation underscores the partners’ conviction that beyond individual, commissioned projects, a vital architectural practice has responsibilities to society to address challenging issues of immediate concern. In so doing, architecture can become an instrument for positive artistic, social, technological and ecological change.

Ennead Architects’ work is diverse in type, scale, and location and ranges from new construction to renovations and expansions to restorations and master plans.

The firm has designed numerous buildings and structures, including the Rose Center for Earth and Space at the American Museum of Natural History, the William J. Clinton Presidential Center and the renovation of Carnegie Hall.