FRANCE – Glass Elements Help Define New Library and Auditorium at Amiens University

Designed by the French firm Serero Architects and located in the heart of Amiens University in France, the new library and auditorium have been designed to constitute a central place for meeting around technologies as well as the catalyst of an intense campus social life. Natural lighting throughout the library helps create an opening an interactive space. The auditorium is made of white concrete with a strip of curtain glass window on top of the wall that can be shut by motorized sun shields integrated to the space ceiling.

The library is conceived as a platform, with a unique intermediate post (10.80m range). All spaces are planned on a regular grid of 1.80m x 7.20m, which organizes all architectural and technical devices (lighting system, ventilation, furniture, façade, etc.) of the library in order to offer an open and flexible interior space.

The building envelop is designed as a “smart” skin, which controls internal spaces ambiance as well as views. The facade system is inspired by pine cone scales, which open or close according to the level of humidity in the air. The full height glass curtainwall is protected by wooden sun-shading, which angles changes along the facade according to the orientation of spaces. This system allows a gradual transition from protected zones to opened and transparent zones. This sun-shading is vertical for a better answer to the main western orientation of the building.