Sustainability is Key Design Feature in California Court

The California Court of Appeal Fifth Appellate District (Fifth District Court of Appeal) covers nine counties throughout central California and is located in a part of Fresno being rejuvenated by the city. California-based architecture firm, AC Martin Partners Inc. was selected to develop the design of the court and was tasked with creating a building that would not only be efficient, but also would capture the vibrant, entrepreneurial spirit of the city. Visalia, Calif.,-based glass and window company, The Glass Shop, was selected to fabricate and glaze the court, while products from Kawneer Company Inc. were selected for both performance and aesthetics.

The Fifth District Court of Appeal features curved walls, champagne-gold hue and a glass façade. It was designed to reflect the “dignity and transparency of the judicial system,” combining traditional elements and modern materials.

The curved shape of the curtainwall and the integration of the inner courtyard were distinct design components and project managers were concerned that the shape of the walls and courtyard would lead to leaking. In addition, the state also wanted to integrate features into the building that could contribute to energy efficiency as well as to the health and well being of the occupants.

To address the concern about leakage, Kawneer’s 1600 Wall System®1 curtainwall was used. Other products used include the company’s 350 medium stile entrances and Trifab® VG (Versa Glaze®) 451T Storefront Framing, designed to help reduce energy usage and increase thermal efficiency. Additionally, 1600 Wall System®1 curtainwall outfitted with custom covers was used to create the glass façade of the building’s exterior.