LEED Pilot Credit Library Presents Opportunities for Fenestration Materials

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has launched a Pilot Credit Library through which proposed Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits and prerequisites are pilot tested for potential inclusion in the LEED program. This Pilot Credit Library, which presents a number of opportunities for glass and glazing materials, is designed to allow USGBC to test and refine prerequisites and credits before they are introduced into the core of the rating systems.

A pilot working group established by the LEED Steering Committee will review the evaluation forms for all participating projects. The working group will use the information to help inform improvements to the content of the credit or prerequisite or determine whether the credit is suited for introduction into LEED.

Pilot credits, which present opportunities for fenestration products, that are available for project use include:

Pilot Credit 1: Life Cycle Assessment of Building Assemblies and Materials:

Available for new construction projects, this credit is intended encourage the use of environmentally preferable building materials and assemblies. Project teams will conduct a life-cycle assessment of the different assembly groups within the structure and envelop, including the windows, to determine environmental impact estimates for the project.

Pilot Credit 2: PBT Source Reduction: Dioxins and Halogenated Organic Compounds:

This credit is available for pilot testing by new construction, core and shell, schools and commercial interiors LEED project types. Its intent is to reduce the release of bioaccumulative toxic chemicals associated with the life cycle of building materials. Requirements call for the use of materials, including doors and windows, manufactured without added halogenated organic compounds for at least 75 percent (by cost) of the material totals in a minimum of three of four groups (exterior components, which includes door and window frames; interior finishes; piping, conduit and electrical boxes; and building-installed electrical cable and wire jacketing).

In addition, pilot credits are also available for medical and process equipment efficiency; innovative ventilation; and preliminary integrative project planning and design.

LEED 2009 projects participating in the piloting of a credit or prerequisite will be awarded 1 point under Innovation and Design Credit 1 or Innovation in Operations Credit 1 after completing the required documentation and uploading it for online verification.

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