Is a Successful Vitrum an Omen?

The Vitrum show, held last month in Milan, was deemed a success. The every other year event is second only to Düsseldorf’s glasstec in terms of international industry trade show.Exhibitors were pleased with the show and reported actually making sales on the trade show floor.

Is this a sign that the global architectural glass and metal industry is starting to come out of its doldrums? I am sure everyone is hoping that the answer is yes.

The GlassBuild show in Atlanta the month before got more mixed reviews. Expectations before the show were low. But many exhibitors reported that the show had exceeded their expectations. Others cited the lack of attendance, and accompanying lack of business, as another sign that the industry has not bounced back yet.

In my own opinion, I don’t think the industry is out of the woods yet. We may have hit the bottom, but I still see a long ways to go before the industry is back in a good, healthy position. The overall economy has to become healthier before the commercial market can bounce back.

So congratulations to Vitrum on its success. And let’s hope that it is, indeed, an omen.