SRS Energy Develops AIA-Certified Continuing Education Program

SRS Energy, a developer of integrated solar roofing products, has developed a continuing education course for architects interested in specifying photovoltaic (PV) systems in their projects. Titled “Specifying Solar: Photovoltaics,” the program has been certified by the American Institute of Architects (AIA), which means that architects who complete the program will earn AIA continuing education credits in the sustainable design category. 

“Buildings are currently responsible for 40 percent of the energy consumed in the United States. Given this, architects play a critical role in the sustainability movement,” said Marty Low, chief executive officer of SRS Energy. “We designed this course to provide architects with a foundational understanding of photovoltaic technology and products. The program equips architects with a comprehensive knowledge base and analysis tools for specifying photovoltaic systems in their projects.”

Learning objectives for the program include:

·A high-level overview of PV technology and products.

·An analysis of energy trends in homes and buildings – both internationally and in the United States – and the role that PV systems play or are projected to play.

·Basic vocabulary and industry jargon.

·LEED Certification with PV.

·A step-by-step foundation for evaluating and specifying the appropriate PV product and system for a project.

“Solar has been an aftermarket tech-driven purchase for too long. To truly integrate solar into our homes and buildings, we have to go beyond the product,” added Low. “This continuing education course is one of the many ways in which SRS Energy is engaging key stakeholders in construction, design and architecture as we bring our products to market.”