RMJM Designed Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore Officially Opens

An eight-story, glass central atrium is the heartbeat of the recently opened Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School (Duke-NUS) building in Singapore. The atrium was created to tie the library and academic spaces on the ground level to principal investigators on the research floors above. The atrium is designed to promoted an ease of vertical circulation while also fostering collaboration on all levels between educators, principal investigators, post-doctoral candidates, research technicians and students.In addition, the building, which achieved Green Mark certification, was designed to maintain a comfortable temperature in Singapore’s tropical climate. The exterior louvers and sunshades protect interior spaces while the building massing shades exterior courtyards.

Designed by international architectural firm RMJM, Duke-NUS, the first collaboration of its kind in Singapore between two of the world’s top higher education institutions, Duke University in the United States and National University of Singapore. The building officially opened September 28 by the country’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. RMJM North America served as the design consultant; CPG Consultants Pte. Ltd of Singapore served as the architect.

“We designed this new medical school in response to Duke University’s and National University of Singapore’s mission to educate students according to Duke’s innovative method to develop doctors that excel in medical research, education and patient care,” says Steven K. Gifford, managing principal of RMJM’s Global Health and Science Studio.

The Dean of Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, Professor Ranga Krishnan commenting on the architecture said: “The building’s design features are a perfect complement to our unique educational effort and in harmony with our innovative research program.”

At 26,000 square meters and 11 stories tall, Duke-NUS is a “vertical campus,” housing research offices, wet and dry laboratories, classrooms, lecture halls, a library, student lounges, a café and administrative offices.