AIA Encouraged by White House Directive on Green Federal Buildings

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has issued a statement saying it is encouraged by the directive from the White House on green Federal buildings. 

“[On October 5] President Barack Obama signed the Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy and Economic Performance executive order that will help federal agencies meet carbon emission reduction goals advocated by the AIA and passed by Congress in 2007. The AIA strongly supports Administration efforts to achieve carbon-neutral federal facilities by 2030, which is consistent with the AIA public policy committing architects to the same goal and timeframe,” says Christine McEntee, executive vice president/CEO of the AIA. “We are concerned, however, that the executive order may lead to carbon emission reporting and tracking requirements on federal contractors that go beyond what most companies, especially small architecture firms, are able to perform. The AIA stands ready to work with the Administration to ensure that any tracking and reporting provisions adhere to existing guidelines and best practices, such as those found in the AIA 2030 Commitment program. Architecture firms demonstrate compliance with the 2030 Commitment by instituting sustainable business practices.

“We also believe that any long-term strategy for improving the sustainability and performance of federal buildings must address a growing shortage of licensed, trained architects and engineers in the federal workforce. We look forward to working with the administration to address these issues.”