PGC International Announces September Webinar on Protecting Against Electronic Surveillance

The Protective Glazing Council (PGC) International announced the next in a monthly webinar series for architects, building owners, specifiers, glazing contractors and others in the architectural community.

ronwScheduled for the last Friday of each month, the next webinar will be given by Ron Waranowski, managing director of ASTIC Signals Defenses LLC, a distributor/manufacturer of glass coatings for Electro-Magnetic (EM) Countermeasures, i.e., security for wireless LANS and mitigating eavesdropping, EMI and EMP threats. Waranowski, the co-inventor of Signals Defenses® Technology, i.e., a patented, optically clear electromagnetic field barrier, will discuss four critical and fast-growing threats to these electronic assets, including threats that usually fall in the gap between the IT and Physical Security groups.

“Ron’s presentations both amaze and frighten people because most companies have no idea how easy it is to fall prey to several types of electronic surveillance and espionage,” says Brian Pitman, director of marketing and communications for the organization. “His presentation will certainly enlighten and provide solutions to a swiftly growing threat to companies around the globe.”

Waranowski’s presentation will take place at Noon EDT, September 25.

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