PPG Launches Online Glass Specification Tools for Architects

PPG Industries has added three new architect specification tools to its IdeaScapes website. These include the following:

PPG Glass Configurator. This comparison tool is designed to enable architects to view more than 120 of the company’s architectural glass and coating combinations by aesthetic and performance criteria. Clicking any tint reveals a full product description, project gallery and complete performance data, including winter U-value, outdoor visible light reflectance, solar heat gain coefficient, visible light transmittance, light-to-solar gain ratio and more. Architects also can search by product name, color, solar heat range and light transmittance.

ASTM E 2129-05 Completed Questionnaire. This downloadable white paper documents the company’s glass data as it applies to the ASTM E 2129-05 Standard Practice for Data Collection for Sustainability Assessment of Building Products.

Photo Gallery.  An expanded and updated photo gallery features dozens of new projects as well as hundreds of older buildings from the company’s project database. The gallery is searchable by project name, type or location, or by product name or type (glass, coatings or paint).