A Glass Box Defies the Spanish Sun

Designed by architect Alfonso Millanes Mato, the glass “Cube” in a new Spanish financial center near Madrid stands 21.6 meters high and 30 meters wide. The facade was constructed without any framework structures for the glazing itself. Instead, a space frame system was used to connect the structural glazing facade to a steel filigree support structure. The lobby also features around 3,500 square meters of ipasol solar control glass fabricated by Interpane. ipasol neutral 48/27 solar control glass was used for the cube’s sides and to provide transparency and abundant daylighting, as well as solar control features.
While the design team deliberately planned for a neutral appearance on the sides of the cube, ipasol sky 30/17 was used for the roof area. The entire glazing is made with tempered glass on the outside and heat-strengthened glass on the inside.

Design and Construction Team Details:  Owner: Banco Santander;  Building contractor: Octatube Engineering BV;  Architect: Alfonso Millanes Mato; Glass products: Interpane’s ipasol neutral 48/27, ipasol sky 30/17