PPG Corporate Sustainability Report Highlights Green Building Products and Manufacturing

PPG Industries has published its first corporate sustainability report, which the company says highlights key accomplishments in several areas of interest to environmentally progressive architects and builders.In the green construction arena, the company notes that its architectural glasses, including Solarban solar control, low-E glasses, are the first product in their industry to be Cradle to Cradle Certified. In addition, many of the company’s paints are Ecologo certified or CHPS-compliant as a low-emitting material, and Duranar ULTRA-Cool coatings are Energy Star and Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) listed.

PPG’s corporate sustainability report supports products claims and certifications in that, as a manufacturer, PPG is responsible, transparent and realizes necessary improvements to meet challenging sustainability demands. For instance, PPG notes that it was the first company to install oxy-fuel furnace technology on a float glass production line in North America, which can dramatically reduce the amount of natural gas required to melt glass.

The company also integrated dispense cell technology to facilitate the production of small batches of liquid coatings, eliminating the need for cleaning solvents, cutting hazardous waste and reducing customer inventories by permitting more accurate order fulfillment.

According to the company, the 32-page sustainability report is self-declared to meet the G3 Application Level C requirements for the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), a disclosure framework for corporate sustainability information.

CLICK HERE to download a copy of the report.