GlasWeld Glass Restoration Team Saves Windows in a California Public High School

GlasWeld based in Bend, Ore., recently completed a glass restoration consulting and contracting job on the newly constructed Central Los Angeles High School #9. The comprehensive performing and visual arts high school was designed by architect HMC Architects/Coop Himmelblau and built by PCL Construction. The building’s unique design utilizes large gable windows that were damaged during the construction process.

“The windows in the high school were installed before welding on the architectural beams began,” said Shawn Mart of GlasWeld who consulted and provided contracting on the project. “Welding slag had fallen onto the glass, and hundreds of scratches were also visible on the large windows. We used our Gforce scratch removal system to polish
away all the slag and damage for great results.”

According to the company’s announcement, it took a two-person team from GlasWeld a week to restore all the building’s windows to their pre-damaged state. The project’s contractor estimated a savings of nearly $70,000 by repairing the glass instead of replacing it. Also, according to GlasWeld’s announcement, repairing the glass instead of replacing the windows was a sustainable choice; because the windows contained laminated glass they would have gone into the local landfill if they had been replaced.