ASTM International to Publish New Laminated Glass Standard Specification

ASTM committee C 14.08 on Flat Glass will soon publish a new version of C 1172 Standard Specification for Laminated Architectural Flat Glass. The standard, which is currently available in the 2003 version, has gone through a review at process by the Glass Association of North America (GANA) and the new draft had been released for public comment prior to balloting.”This standard has passed all the ASTM standard balloting procedures and is slated for editorial adjustments prior to publishing,” says Julie Schimmelpenningh with Solutia, who serves as the GANA Laminating Division task group chair. “This will mean the most current version will be an ASTM C 1172-09 standard once this is published.”

The major changes for the 2009 version are:

· Clarification that furniture glazing is not in the scope of this standard;

· Revised definitions;

· Complete classification revisions of classifications; materials are no longer classified by their type (i.e. heat-strengthened) but rather by application use (safety, non-safety, overhead, vertical and spandrel); and

· Modification of visual inspection criteria based on application.
“The modifications in this standard will provide clearer understanding of product quality and performance attributes for the purchaser of laminated glass, and will provide a mechanism for laminators to utilize the most current practices for inspection and classification in non-traditional applications such as point supported,” says Schimmelpenningh.