AAMA Forms BIM Task Group

The new BIM Modeling Task Group met yesterday during the American Architectural Manufacturers Association’s (AAMA) summer meeting, which has been taking place this week in Minneapolis. Mike Turner, of YKK AP America, serves as chair and he enlisted David Bandi, director content and partner development with Autodesk, to present some background on BIM to members.

“BIM can be overcomplicated and at the end of the day it’s about selling and getting specified,” said Bandi.

He also mentioned that the attributes of the program go far beyond its 3D capabilities. “Yes, it’s in 3D but it’s all about the data.”

He also said manufacturers should want architects to have their data and compare it to that of other manufacturers. “Your unique characteristics will rise to the top,” he said.
Bandi also mentioned a fact that some in the industry may find surprising-that according to his company’s software sales, BIM has been accepted faster by contractors than architects. “They see the value in it,” said Bandi. He also mentioned that sustainability is a key driver for those using BIM.

Bandi said he would like to work with the AAMA committee on future BIM efforts.
“As far as wall systems your group is the first to have stepped up on a committee level,” he said. “You tell us what makes sense for your products and we’ll adopt it.”