A Brief Introduction

Look ma, I’m a blogger! What’s a blogger, you ask? Well ma, I’m not quite sure … but, now I am one.Where to begin? Tell ‘em a little about yourself, you say. Okay, sounds good to me.

I retired from PPG Industries in July 2007 after 40 years of service in the glass business. During those 40 wonderful years, I enjoyed assignments in many areas of the business, including Glass Research, Technical Services, Marketing, Sales, Commercial Construction Glazing and Manufacturing. Hmm, seems in retrospect like PPG kept trying to find a place for me where they could maximize my contribution … or, perhaps, minimize the damage I might cause. Either way, after 40 years in the glass business, I have had many experiences, both good and bad. As you might imagine, I have many “war stories” to share.

On a personal note, I am married to a lovely lady named Janice (for 33 years and counting) and have three children – Rachel, Joshua, and Alicia. The family also includes two cats (Dante and Lord LT Valentino Omega or Megs for short), both of whom have me well trained. Those of you who have cat friends know what I mean; the rest of you don’t know what you are missing! Our home is in Buffalo Township, a wonderful rural community located about 25 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, PA. It has been and will continue to be my 3-acre slice of heaven. My hobbies include golf (I am a double digit handicap hacker), reading, computers, and trying to outsmart my cats.

My blogs will emanate from my basement office, using one of the four computers (both Macintosh and Windows machines) at my disposal. Actually, it will be from whatever computer is not being used by other members of the family. Hopefully, many of you will find my blog to be somewhat entertaining, and some may also find it helpful or thought provoking.

Please feel free to submit questions to my email address: mbitterice@glass.com. If I can, I will answer your question; if I can’t answer it myself, perhaps I’ll be able to “point you in the right direction;” and, I will tell you if I don’t have a clue.

Well, that’s it about me. In about two weeks we will discuss the most valuable asset in any business and how you might grow and nourish that asset.

See you soon!