Upping The R-Value

I may have spoke too soon when I wrote my blog “Would You Like A Sip?” a month ago. I talked about a new wall system that was doing a lot to conserve energy and aid in stopping the energy crisis. At the time it didn’t seem much was happening in the other areas of the building envelope like the doors and windows to match these efforts. Low and behold though, this weekend I was reading Architectural Record and read a product focus for a new super-insulating window system.


Serious Materials is introducing a new line of windows called ThermaProof that claims to have full-frame R-values of R-8, R-11, and R-14. In a world where we rarely hear of anything better than R-3 for windows, I was excited. Naturally I tore out the article and brought it work to show to my co-workers. They too could hardly believe what I was telling them.


According to the article the factors that lead to this high R-value are one, two or three layers of mylar; a new spacer technology that holds the panes of glass apart; use of a wet seal instead of a dry seal; a new framing system of foamed PVC for residential and insulated fiberglass for commercial; and a “Triple fin” weather stripping. They are available in double-hung, single-hung, slider, casement, sliding doors, French doors, and storefront. While curtain wall isn’t currently available, they do plan to release it in the future.


Since I am really becoming interested in sustainable design, this is very exciting news. I hope the product performs as well as it claims and look forward to using is soon in the future.