An Elevator Ride with Brad Cloepfil

After the press briefing last week at the Museum of Arts and Design’s new quarters at New York City’s Columbus Circle, I saw architect Brad Cloepfil waiting for an elevator with some MAD executives. I introduced myself and asked him what his thoughts had been about how he would use glass when he did the design. “We knew that we were going to open the building up,” he replied. “The choice of the fritted glass was to infuse the building with light.”


The elevator came and we got on with the crowd. I asked Cloepfil if he had considered the structure a daunting assignment. “It was daunting,” he emphasized that last word, “because of the nature of the project, a redesign, and because of the scrutiny which it got.”


Then I asked what his reaction has been to the response to his design so far. He laughed and said, “It’s exciting.” And the elevator doors opened up and he scooted out to look at the fruits of his labor.