Innovative Designs

I am finishing up the text for the next issue, September/October, of the Architects’ Guide to Glass and Metal, and our lead article reports on innovative glass designs.

I am amazed when working on all the issues of the magazine at how much innovative design is being done with architectural glass and metal. In the pages of the magazine, I try to feature projects from all segments of design–from towering office buildings to residences and health facilities and sports arenas.

There is just no shortage of good examples.

I am not going to reveal here which projects will be featured in our next issue, but be sure to have a look when it comes out.

This weekend, I will be on my annual visit to Cooperstown in upstate New York. It’s a charming town and I always find it relaxing, between the small town pace of events and the calmness of the lake it wraps around.

While Cooperstown has its charms, not to mention the interest of the Baseball Hall of Fame, what it doesn’t have is a lot of innovative design and certainly not with architectural glass and metal. Cooperstown is still the proverbial small town with its Main Street that looks like the locale of many movies in the 1940s.

So for a few days, my mind’s eye will be cleared of glass and I’ll come back refreshed and, hopefully, innovative.