My First Blog

Welcome to the new Architects’ Guide to Glass and Metal e-newsletter and my first blog. We live in an interactive age, and this e-newsletter and my blog will be interactive too. Please feel free to contact me on any relevant subject or to ask any questions concerning this blog, the e-newsletter or the industry.

The Architects’ Guide to Glass and Metal e-newsletter will bring you news and information about the architectural glass and metal industry twice a month.

Our objective is to present you with the information you need about our industry. We will feature new architectural glass and metal products and techniques, project information, and educational opportunities, among other things.

The goal I set as editor of Architects’ Guide to Glass and Metal was to have the publication serve as a bridge between our industry and the architectural community. This remains true for this newsletter. Our goal is providing you with information. Let us know how we can be most helpful to you.

We also are looking for architects and designers who would like to have a blog for our site. If you are interested, please get in touch with me. While we think we have a lot to say of interest to architects and designers, we also think there is a lot that architects have to say to each other.

The beginning of this e-newsletter and still early in the year I wish you continued success in 2008.